Stinson Mellor and the Edmonds Eagles have teamed up to help the Eagles' players and parents get the perfect equipment at a fantastic club price.  We have put together a couple of different packages as well as some special custom stick deals.  

Please be aware that this page, these packages and these prices have been set up especially for the Eagles' players and parents.  This URL (www.StinsonMellor.com/EdmondsEagles) is not linkable from the Stinson Mellor Site and is not a public page.  Please keep this URL within the Edmonds Eagles community.  Thanks! 

You will notice that there are a couple of different packages for Offensive players and Defensive players.  If you are not sure what to buy, you can contact your son's coach or contact us here at Stinson Mellor.  We have set up a special email for the Eagles:  EaglesInfo@StinsonMellor.com.  

If you wish to buy any additional products from our main site (like an amazing custom strung head), we have set up an Eagles discount code to receive 10% off your purchase.  Just enter "Eagles1" as a coupon code at the time of checkout.  This Coupon is good through December 31, 2013.

Thank you so much for your support of The Eagles and Stinson Mellor.

Click Here to View the Equipment and Stick Packages