DIY East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh Stringing Kit

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DIY East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh Stringing Kit


If you are a DIY kind of player, Stinson Mellor can set you up with exactly what you need.  We have strung over a thousand heads and the materials we include in our stringing kits are exactly what we use.  

The string Kit will include:

  • 3 Hockey Lace Shooters
  • 1 Nylon shooter string
  • 2 Nylon Sidewall strings
  • 1 Nylon Top string
  • 1 Nylon Bottom String.  

The 2X is a Semi-hard smoother release with a 5/10 mesh stiffness.  StringKing Performance Mesh™ is engineered with a single goal in mind: produce the best lacrosse mesh in the world to create the most consistent pockets in the game. The all-new Type 2 takes consistency to a whole new level. Weighing in at only 30 g, StringKing’s Type 2 mesh is 15% lighter than Type 1. New P2™ fibers have allowed them to make a lighter, thinner mesh that delivers an even quicker release for a faster shot. Manufactured using StringKing’s new patent-pending TITE™ technology, Type 2 mesh offers a 30% tighter construction than Type 1. Tighter mesh improves Pocket Focus™, guaranteeing superior ball control and an accurate release every time. Type 2 mesh is engineered with color at its core. Unlike most competitors, StringKing adds pigments to the raw materials before the mesh fibers are even spun. The result is a full line of truly colored mesh that lets you add personality to your pocket without sacrificing performance.

The price on this product does NOT included custom stringing or any additional stringing materials. 

Mesh Color:
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