Brine Triumph II Arm Guards


Brine Triumph II Arm Guards


The Brine Triumph II Lacrosse Arm Guards are built to be very durable and lightweight by protecting key areas that deal with the most damage. With its mid-sized, three-piece construction the Triumph II’s creates a staunch barrier that remains breathable and mobile making these perfect for midfielders who are constantly on the run. They also will provide protection with Brine's AEROSHEILD FOAM that is strategically placed throughout the arm guard covering high impact zones and allowing for great ventilation.

These arm guards are also equipped with a VENTILATOR CHILL that will prevent you from overheating and keep you cool while in the heat of the game. The liner inside the pads are also equipped with NO SLIP PRINT that keeps the pads secure and in place.

50% below original price.

A Note About Sizing

Small= Tend to fit players 4'3", 65 lbs to 4'10" 105 lbs

Medium = Tend to fit players 4'7" 80 lbs to 5'8" 150 lbs

Large = Tend to fit players 5'5" 130 lbs to 6'0" 200lbs

X-Large Tend to fit players 5'10" 170 and above

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